Mosquito Magnet® Mosquito Traps

Simple, powerful mosquito traps that effectively lure and kill mosquitoes. Enjoy a mosquito-free garden!

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How It Works

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Our partner to supply Propane Gas cylinders

Propane Gas Cylinders

Emirates Gas is our partner to supply Propane Gas cylinders

Why Buy from

  • We are the Mosquito Magnet official and exclusive distributor for the UAE region.    
  • Our machines are factory modified specifically to  run in the UAE.
  • We provide full technical support as well as advice, repairs, and service based in Dubai.       
  • We have got an official Agreement with Emirates Gas to deliver refilled Propane cylinders to your door. 
  • We carry a full range of machines, parts and accessories ready for immediate dispatch.   
  • We offer full 12 month warranty backed up by Mosquito Magnet in the USA.


Mosquito Magnet Line of Defence

Executive Trap

Executive Trap

4499.00 AED
Independence Trap

Independence Trap

3899.00 AED
Patriot Trap

Patriot Trap

2199.00 AED

Mosquito Control Solutions from Mosquito Magnet®

Pesky mosquitoes can turn your outdoor event into a nightmare. They make it impossible to enjoy a summer evening, and they are known carriers and transmitters of a wide range of mosquito-borne diseases. The Mosquito Magnet® family of home mosquito control products can help you win the battle against these relentless and potentially dangerous pests.

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