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Mosquito Magnet Liberty Plus, mosquito control systemsTrapping Tips - Keys to Success

Here’s helpful advice about placing and maintaining your Mosquito Magnet® trap, using attractants to increase your catch rate, and more. Also in this section are some frequently asked questions. These keys to success will keep your mosquito control system running at peak performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help end mosquitoes’ control over your garden.


Your success with our mosquito control systems is dependent on four "keys". Paying close attention and following the details can make all the difference in having a fun summer in the outdoors without battling these biting, disease- carrying insects.  Learn more about mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases.  End the battle in your yard with a mosquito system that effectively lures mosquitoes to their death.



Interactive Trap Placement Assistant, placement of mosquito control systems


Proper trap placement of your Mosquito Magnet® is crucial to its success.  In this section you can use our Interactive Placement Assistant to help you decide where to place your trap for optimal performance.  Tips for your mosquito control system are included, too.


Learn where to place the trap»


Attractants 101, attractants for mosquito control systems


Using an attractant is critical to the performance of your Mosquito Magnet® mosquito trap. Our mosquito control systems use R-Octenol attractants which is the optimal attractant for the Middle East.


Learn about the attractants»



Maintaining Your Mosquito Magnet Trap, maintenance of mosquito control systems


If maintained properly, the Mosquito Magnet® can run at it's best for several years.  Directions for trap maintenance include trap start-up, summer storage, tank changes, maintenance schedules and general tips. Proper maintenance of our mosquito control systems will result in superior performance.


Learn about trap maintenance»



Trap FAQs - Mosquito Magnet, faqs about maintaining your mosquito control systems


If you have some questions about maintenance of the Mosquito Magnet®, take a look at this section.  Questions about our mosquito control systems, such as trap set up, trap start-up, parts and so much more are answered here.


Read  FAQs about maintaining you trap»



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