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Product FAQs

Have questions?

Find immediate answers to commonly asked questions about QuickClear cartridges, propane, mosquito repellents, attractants and other general questions about using our traps.  Mosquito Magnet® can help you solve your mosquito problems with powerful propane mosquito traps.







General Information


Q:   How long should a 10 Kg propane tank last?


A:   A full 10 Kg tank will last approximately 21 days with the Patriot and Independence, and 28 days with the Executive running in Mode 4. It is not recommended to let the propane completely run out. We recommend having a second full tank on-hand to swap to reduce downtime.


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Q:   Where can I buy a Propane Gas Cylinder and Propane Gas for my Mosquito Magnet ?


A:   Norbury General Trading LLC does not supply or deliver gas cylinders or gas.

You can buy small grey empty propane gas cylinders from local hardware stores and have them filled with Propane at a Propane Gas filling centre. However, this size of cylinder will only last up to 2 weeks.

The best option is to take advantage of the agreement we have made with Emirates Gas who have placed stock of 10Kg Propane cylinders into their distribution system for delivery to your door.

First step in order to get your  MosquitoMagnet® ready and take back your garden from mosquitoes, you should contact an authorized gas company to order a Propane gas cylinder with the correct fitting for your MosquitoMagnet® regulator.

For more information logon to or call 800EMGAS

Listed below are telephone numbers of select gas suppliers from Emirates Gas LLC (EMGAS) operating in Dubai.

The suppliers will be at your service to connect the gas cylinder to your MosquitoMagnet® and to refill the bottles on all days of the week (except Fridays and Public holidays) between 08:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs.

AL JAFLIYAH GAS: Contact: 050 2430740 / 055 2833622

Areas: Dubai Marina, JLT, Sport City, Emirates Hills, Meadows,

Arabian Ranches, Remraam, Silicon Oasis, Barsha, Palm Jumeirah,

Jumeirah Golf Estate etc.

BIN SULOOM GAS: Contact: 055 9901475

Areas: DIP, DIC, Arabian Ranches, Remraam, Gardens, Barsha,

Sports city, Jumeirah Golf Estate etc.

OBAID AHMED GAS: Contact: 052 6546222

Areas: Jumeirah, Umm Suqueim, Bur Dubai, Satwa, Deira etc.

JUMEIRAH GAS: Contact: 050 5887126

Areas: Business Bay, Down town etc.

Mosquito Magnet® traps are designed to operate with propane. In cases where pure propane is not available then a mix of propane and butane may be used. In NO circumstance should natural gas be used.


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Q:   Can I use a gas gauge on my propane tank?


A:   A gas gauge can be used as long as the gauge is connected directly to the tank and then the regulator from the Mosquito Magnet® is connected directly to the other end of the gauge.


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Q:   Can I use my Mosquito Magnet® during a sand storm ?


A:   Like all moving machinery, sand is an unwelcome and potentially damaging addition. Whilst the mosquito catch net will offer some protection it is strongly advised you turn your machine off and move it into your garage, or turn it off and cover it in the garden for the duration of a sand storm. Just as you would do with many other sensitive items you use outdoors.

Prolonged running during a sand storm could damage internal parts and negate your warranty.

Should this happen, please contact us and we can arrange for the machine to be returned, cleaned, and tested by one of our technicians in our Dubai workshop.

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Q:   Is there a maximum outdoor temperature that I can operate my Mosquito Magnet ?


A:   The Mosquito Magnet® has been tested in the UAE during August with temperatures in the high forties. We recommend placing your Mosquito Magnet® in the shade during the Summer months, or giving it a break and returning it for a service. Mosquitos are not particularly active from July through early September, and any that are do not like direct sunlight. It's also normally too hot for any of us to be outdoors, so it is recommended to turrn off and move the machine indoors when temperatures exceed 48 degrees Celcius. That way you can be sure direct sunlight in extreme temperatures won't damage your machine.


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Q:   My Mosquito Magnet® is dripping water, is that normal?


A:   Yes. The liquid you may see dripping from your unit is condensed water vapor. This is a byproduct of the catalytic conversion of propane and oxygen to carbon dioxide and water vapor and is caused by atmospheric temperature differentials. This will not impede the operation of your unit in any way.


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Q:   Can a compressor be used instead of Quick Clear cartridge?


A:   The Mosquito Magnet® Quick Clear cartridge is recommended for regular cleaning of the fuel line. The use of compressed air is NOT recommended and can cause damage to the trap. Use of compressed air instead of QuickClear cartridge will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.


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Q:  Can my Mosquito Magnet® be used in the rain or with sprinklers?


A:  The Mosquito Magnet® is designed to operate under normal moisture conditions, including rain and sprinklers. However, use caution that your sprinkler or hose does not target the unit directly as this may cause damage to the unit.


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Q:   What types of insects does the Mosquito Magnet® catch?


A:   The Mosquito Magnet® attracts and captures mosquitoes, black flies, no see-ums, and midges. Using our Lurex3™ attractant will also attract and help capture the Asian Tiger mosquito where it is prevalent.


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Q:   How do I get additional assistance?


A:   There are several steps you can take:


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mosquito magnet mosquito trapsProtect your family, pets and guests from disease-carrying mosquitoes with a Mosquito Magnet® trap - the leading long-term, scientifically proven mosquito control solution