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Guard Against Mosquitoes

Does it seem that your mosquito problem keeps getting worse every year? Are mosquitoes constantly ruining your warm-weather outdoor events, or simply preventing you from relaxing in your yard on a beautiful summer day? If so, you need to know the best way to guard your family from these flying pests. The best way to guard your family is to actually get rid of mosquitoes completely and reclaim your yard from these disease-carrying insects. The Mosquito Magnet® mosquito killing machine is an excellent way to enjoy your gardens again.


Mosquito Magnet® - the Ultimate Mosquito Guard

Mosquito Magnet® works by luring mosquitoes to their ultimate death. The trap releases a steady stream of carbon dioxide, heat and moisture, similar to that emitted by humans. The mosquitoes are attracted by this enticing combination. When they approach the trap, it vacuums them into the net, where they remain captured. Within 24 hours, the mosquitoes perish due to dehydration.


Why You Need to Get Rid of Mosquitoes with Mosquito Magnet®

By knowing how to kill mosquitoes easily and effectively with Mosquito Magnet®, you're doing much more than making your yard a more pleasant place. You're also reducing the possibility that you or your family will contract potentially deadly diseases such as West Nile virus and Malaria, which can lead to death. Guard and protect your family from such diseases with Mosquito Magnet®!



Mosquito Magnet® Videos and Demos:

Mosquito Magnet mosquito trap



How Mosquito Magnet® Traps Work?






How Mosquito Magnet® Works - Demo







Mosquito Magnet® Patented Counterflow™ Technology






Trap Placement Assistance






Trap Placement Assistance - Interactive Demo Tool


mosquito magnet trap placement assistant





How Mosquitoes Find Us






Mosquito Facts: The Life Cycle and More






Mosquito Breeding Habits




Mosquito Magnet® Attractants and How They Work




Mosquito Magnet® Executive: Assembly & Startup




Mosquito Magnet® Independence: Assembly & Startup




Mosquito Magnet® Patriot: Assembly & Startup






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