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Mosquito Magnet Executive, best mosquito trap for larger backyards

Mosquito Magnet® Parts

A Mosquito Magnet® trap can help you control mosquitoes and other flying pests over the course of many seasons in even the harshest climates — as long as it is properly maintained. In order for your mosquito trap to remain in peak operating condition, you may need Mosquito Magnet® repair parts from time to time. We carry an inventory of essential Mosquito Magnet® parts that you can order below. As a way to help you minimize shipping costs, we include free ground shipping.


Choose From Our Selection of Key Mosquito Trap Components

You can stock up on Mosquito Magnet® repair parts to ensure you'll continue to enjoy mosquito protection throughout the entire mosquito season without interruption. Mosquito trap components are available for a variety of models. For instance, the rechargeable battery pack for the Executive traps will provide the power supply you need to operate these mosquito devices, while the plume tube kit for all traps help keep the mosquito attractant streaming at all times.

A Host of Other Essential Mosquito Trap Repair Parts Available for Sale

In addition to mosquito trap batteries and plume tube kits, our extensive inventory of mosquito trap repair parts includes mosquito trap power cords and mosquito trap adapters, as well as lawn clips, attractant carrier kits and carrier caps. You can also order QuickClear adapters, which are used in conjunction with the QuickClear cartridge for purging of the propane nozzle during tank changes.

Another Easy Way to Obtain the Mosquito Magnet® Parts You Need

If you do not see the mosquito trap replacement part you need, please go to the Mosquito Magnet® Certified Service Center in Dubai by E Mailing us at or by phone on 04 818 9026


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